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"a new crafting experience gameplay overhaul, starbound mod"

I'm very excited to say we have been granted permission from tynaught and first hand help! He is the reason the farmer is about to become so dang cool! Using the mechanics from egstraclucks we were able to add them into profession bound for a new result, a new start for the boring farmer profession. You can do so much now with animals to gain resources from profession bound.

And we did not want to ruin the experience for anyone already enjoying Eggstraclucks, so I have went through personally fixing all compatibility issues that could arise. And once again thanks to tynaught we will be able to make some changes this will partly happen in 0.2.7 release but will be more stable in 2.8. So last thing I want to say is please go check out tynaughts mod with more features and focus on breeding! Don't forget to leave him some nice reviews for the hard .lua coding he has been doing!

- Support from EggstraClucks By: tynaught
The farmer profession is now equipped to breed animals, shear, milk, etc. Thanks to tynaught the creator of EggstraClucks. It it still 100% safe to use his main mod if you wish in a whole new way then we use his functions, and mechanics. His mod will actually give you more to do then mine does with breeding even ways to make money doing it with and quest. So be sure to try EggstraClucks out its really a fantastic mod!

Posted on Jun 17 2014 by Armed Mosquito

As I mentioned earlier, we are introducing add-on content and the templates and tools for players to create their own add-ons or edit ours. Everyone will soon have the needed documentation to make their own add-ons. The goal is to make a core crafting system that allows players to trade more and help others. I didn't want to force everyone to use the content however we make for the tables If you asked me as a server owner I would say that limits my style of the server ran. Then theirs another scenario one of my favorites to resolve, if you should make an add on for Profession Bound, you won't have to update it each and every time we update the mod! We are working on a separate add-on that translates profession bound entirely, but it should still work at English servers using English versions of the mod. This early stage trial of a new type of add-on we are introducing.

So from now on everyone who downloads Profession Bound from our site will also receive the #PB_Vanilla add on. This allows easy removal or item tweaking, or any additions for that matter. Just remember if you want to play with our sample content then you are welcome to, and you can eve use it like that on your server if you choose. The choice is now yours will it be our system your items or our system entirely?

I just wanted to let everyone know because in the 0.2.7 BETA update we are bringing this to live! Should be out really soon just two major task left to go with some test runs. Stay tuned!

Update Upcoming Goals Addons 0.2.7
Posted on Jun 11 2014 by Armed Mosquito

The development build for #0.2.7 is ready as theirs still quiet a bit of work to go you are ok to start reporting bugs from even the development builds to help us squash them quicker. Also, I don't recommend the average players consider using build yet as its unstable and it's more for testing purposes and demonstration of what's to come soon. There could be major issues found when using it so its still not considered stable enough for an official release, but due to the long wait for the updates ahead I want to give some eager players a chance to relieve some tension! With new stuff to check out!

I talk a lot so I will keep this to the point, when you download the development build keep in mind its unstable and unpacked. Also be sure to place the two folders into your "starbound/mods" folder. When you download this development build you will receive two folders that you should focus on only, the "PB_Vanilla" and "ProfessionBound" folder. Remember these two folders go into your "starbound/mods" folder. Not the entire .zip you download!

Download the Profession Bound #0.2.7 BETA Development Build,

Ok, I'm hungry time to go cook a toaster strudel!

Posted on Jun 10 2014 by Armed Mosquito

Back again with better news!

First and foremost hello PB users! And thanks for the continued support during this time of failure.. As most of you know by now, I had issues recently with my PC that got resolved. So after a few days of work I was able to make new changes and fix's slightly better then when I made that progress before. For one, you can expect to not see a warning message while holding our tables in your starbound.log files. Also, some other things have been changed even the name of "Alchemist" profession! It seems to be a better fit as a chemist rather than the more basic alchemist. With that change, we prepare to introduce harmful throw-able chemicals!

I'm feeling good in saying that I think everyone will enjoy the changes we bring around in #0.2.7 BETA this is pretty big in its own way. It's a game changer for Profession Bound mod as it starts on shaping the gameplay aspects to this mod. I would love to rush it and just release this version now, but there's more test, and coding to be done yet for this update to come out. I just wanted to inform everyone that its very close to release and the major stuff is now behind us.. again.

For those of you to eager to try the new stuff, I am getting ready to add all the new changes to the Github development build. When it's ready, I will make another post on only our website to explain very briefly some changes and what to do in the game and some basic instructions for downloading and installing properly as its more confusing downloading from the Github page.

View the Interface Recipe Group Changes Below,

Failure Fail Cloud Backup
Posted on Jun 09 2014 by Armed Mosquito

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

My fellow friends of the Starbound galaxy!

I don't hold the greatest of news today, but it's important you all know why everything kinda stopped. Well, it never stopped and is not going to stop, I recently had a hard drive malfunction and my desktops internal SSD froze up and ever since I cannot get it back to boot up it's invisible even in my bios config! It stopped me dead in my tracks for about seven days total. I was simply un-prepared for this to happen.

So now I am back up and running with my leftover SSD drive. So now my operating system only has about 10gb free on my internal drive making my life a little more of a challenge. So I went out shopping, left the mountains to pick up some survival goods. And I also grabbed one of them portable HDD to do all my PC work on from here on out. It will mean the project will be pretty secure on its on drive just like a flash disk. Now just to make sure that doesn't break on me next I am syncing to the cloud servers to backup any change ever made while being worked on live. So you hit save, and the file syncs to the server backup. That makes two fail-safes should my PC fail me again..

Lastly, let me just say I am so sorry to disappoint anyone who maybe anticipating the next updates as you all probably know by now we are preparing for the largest of all updates 3.0! Rest assured that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger! I will come back with a vengeance not only will I make up on my lost work, ergg but I promise to make it even better than first done. Now that I know exactly what I have to do it leaves me some room to improve again, but I am sorry for the delay this is causing on the progress. I just got myself back up and running last night. I hope to update everyone again soon with details of a progress report. Stay tuned!

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Failure Fail Cloud Backup
Posted on Jun 07 2014 by Armed Mosquito

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